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June Fishing Report

Posted on June 28th, 2010


Tarpon, Tarpon and more Tarpon has been the theme for June. Anglers aboard the MAGIC have seen, jumped and landed more fish this month than any other June in the past eight years! Early in the month we went 2 for 3 while fishing the largest school of Tarpon I’ve encountered for quite sometime. This school was over 2,000 fish strong.

The majority of the tarpon we’ve caught this year have been between 80 to 100 lbs. This is a perfect size to catch as they jump like crazy and can usually be brought boat-side in less than a half an hour. That’s not to say anglers haven’t battled some big bruisers because they have, just ask Mike Walden from Texas who caught a 160 pound-er or Glen Swigart of Ohio who has the big fish honers for June with a 170 lb giant. This baby had a 39″ girth and a length of over 79″…. Wow!

Once again I fished the “Louie’s Tarpon Tournament”. This is a two day private event that has been held every June for the past ten years. My anglers this and every year were George Mizarek and Glen Swigart. These guys did absolutely terrific with George taking the honors for most fish caught and Glen being the overall tournament winner with his 170 pound-er. Great job guys…

Inshore fishing continues to be outstanding. Dennis Bouressa and his two sons joined me aboard the MAGIC for a morning filled with lots of action. Our first stop was the Middle Ground Flats where we tackled bluefish to 5lbs and limited out on keeper size trout.  Once we had the family fish fry covered we made a move to Siesta beach to do some catch and release snook fishing. By the time the morning was over we had caught over 30 snook. Nice morning!

Captain Alan

Captain Alan

Have you ever wondered how a fishing guide spends his day off? Top water plug fishing for monster trout of course!  

Tight Lines and High Jump-n Fish,

Captain Alan